Real IPTV Reseller Panel Instructions

September 21, 2019

IPTV Reseller Panel Step by Step Instructions

Log in your Panel using the URL provided in your email. You should get your own username and password in the email too.


Create a Free Trial

Click on Users > Generate Trial and create a free trial account.

Create A Free IPTV Trial For Real IPTV Panel

Give The Client M3U line

After create a trial or a line, give the client M3U line. Click on Users > Manage Users, then  click on “Download Playlist” button, and choose “M3U with Options, then choose M3U with Options – MPEGTS”. It will give you a line like this

To Extend a Line or to Make A Trial Line Become An Official

Simply edit a line, and choose Extend Package as shown in picture. Then choose what you want to extend.

To Add A MAG or ENIGMA device

If a client uses MAG or ENIGMA device, it will show up in the MANAGE DEVICES. To add a device for them, click on MANAGE DEVICES > Add MAG or Add EGNIMA device. Now add MAC address for MAG or ENIGMA device. Please note all MAG or ENIGMA devices are shown up in MANAGE DEVICES.

Then give the client the STB EMULATOR URL as below

or you can use your own private DNS and give to them. The format is



Add a Sub-Reseller

You can create subreseller account and send credits to them from your own credits. Everything is done as white label so they will always have to buy credits from you.